Internet shop of electrical goods


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Internet shop of electrical goods

Электрика 24 – интернет магазин электротоваров в Москве

To the website

Electricity 24 is a company engaged in the sale of electrical goods. It was founded in 2000. Official partners and distributors of sold brands.

 Problems of the project:

  • To leave under the filter Baden-Baden.
  • Increase site traffic.
  • Improve the position and visibility of the site.


 Identified problems at the start:

  • Template texts were found, which resulted in the site falling under the Baden-Baden filter.
  • Old and uninformative site design.
  • A large number of technical and SEO errors.
  • Lack of important functionality.
  • Poor quality external reference mass


 Deadlines for cooperation:

  • From 01.09.2017 to the present day.

 Project services:

  • SEO website audit.
  • Building a quality reference mass.
  • Recommendations on site development and improvement of functionality.
  • Correction of SEO and technical errors.


 Results achieved

1. The site was removed from under the Baden-Baden filter.

2. Thanks to the recommendations on site development and adding functionality, the number of landing pages (sections, categories) was significantly increased.

Increasing the number of landing pages

3. Increase of search traffic by 376%

Increase search traffic

4. Increase the visibility of the site in search engines by 11.5 times

Increased visibility of the site